Worry Animals

Childhood depression + anxiety have been increasing exponentially in our culture.  At KidEssence, we strive to empower children through play, but as our kids age, their play changes and so does the avenues they use to work out their problems in life.  We recognize that some issues are tougher than others, but just - and if not more - important.  Our Worry Animals help kids in their elementary and middle school years share their worries and gobble them up in a safe zip up pouch to help your child de-stress and feel less anxious.  As parents of growing children, we can find it harder to communicate with our sons + daughters.  Our kids may hold important things back from us out of fear, embarrassment or just not knowing how to share some hard issues with mom + dad.  Our worry animals allow parents to take the time to read through what their kids have slipped into the pouch, consider how to have a productive conversation with their child about the issue. 

In 4 different designs to choose from, we help provide parents with a tool at home to help cultivate the bond with their kids while helping them cope with their worries in life. A win-win for all!

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Panda Worry Animal
Dinosaur Worry Animal
Cat Worry Animal
Llama Worry Animal
Supergirl Worry Doll
Yeti Worry Animal
Sloth Worry Animal
Owl Worry Animal
Unicorn Worry Animal
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