Playing pretend is easy with this lovey, and encouraging creativity and make believe can start from the youngest of ages.

Handmade crochet of white, pink, and purple worsted yarn, this unicorn lovey blanket makes the perfect gift for any newborn to grow up with. The lovey’s head and arms are stuffed with hypoallergenic fiberfill for the plush structure like a stuffed animal but the snuggly qualities of a security blanket.

Unicorn lovey baby blanket measures approximately 12 x 12 inches, and its small size makes the unicorn lovey lightweight and very easy for young tots to tote around once they can crawl and toddle. 

Add a rattle for added developmental benefit of learning hand eye coordination.

Handmade Unicorn Lovey Blanket is machine washable in cold water and tumble dry low. Appropriate for ages 0+


We offer a total 1st purchase order minimum of $150.  We want you to have a sufficient variety of our products to stock your shelves without breaking the bank.


Our reorder minimum is $75 if the reorder is made within 12 months of your previous order.  If the reorder is more than 12 month from the previous order, a minimum of $150 must be met.


Shipping cost is added to your order upon acceptance.  If you'd like an estimate, you can contact us via the Etsy messaging system.  Include your zip code along with the estimated number of products you wish to order.  If your purchase order total is $400 +, KidEssence will pay the shipping cost.


KidEssence seeks to help smart and savvy parents encourage growing minds to learn through love, laughter and play via toys that stimulate the intellect and build self-esteem.  All of our products promote pretend/imaginary and creative play without the use of batteries.


KidEssence products have been tested by a CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) approved lab, and are in complete compliance with all of the CPSIA regulations.


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